Strategic Financial Advisors Corporation helps you identify your investment objective and risk tolerance to construct a personalized investment plan, just for you, to preserve and grow your portfolio.

A key component in creating a portfolio is your risk tolerance. With our extensive investment experience and tools, we will be able to identify your risk tolerance in order design a portfolio that intends to stay within your bounds. This threshold depends on your psychology, time horizon, income need, among other factors to create a customized portfolio that meets your specific objectives.

While your risk tolerance is extremely important, so is your portfolio’s return. By utilized various investment products offered through our sister company, Strategic Financial Services Corporation (“SFSC”), we assist in constructing your portfolio to try to maximize your return given your level of risk. By partnering with Strategic Financial Advisor Corporation, we will design a personalized investment portfolio and then implement this design through SFSC that offers a wide variety of investment solutions consisting of ETFs, 3rd party money managers, sector and asset class specific strategies, principal protection and tax deferral investments, among others.

Not all people are the same, so partner with us to help you create a customized investment approach.

Do you know your numbers?

  1. What is your downside risk in any 1-year period?
  2. What is your downside risk in a recessionary scenario?
  3. What is the recovery time of your portfolio?
  4. What is the target return of your portfolio?
  5. What is the current yield of your portfolio?