In engaging us through SFAC, we meet over a 7-month period (or more) to identify and specify the client’s goals and objectives, analyze the below topic areas for improvement, create a customized action plan, and assign responsibilities to successfully implement the financial plan. After the 6-month period, we provide the client a binder (their financial roadmap) with a complete summary detailing and summarizing our analysis, financial plan, and action steps. The client may retain our services after the 7-month period and meet with us annually, semi-annually, or every 4 months to update and revise the financial plan. We believe this is extremely important given objectives, goals, and personal finances continuously evolve, different stages of life are encountered, and the regulatory, tax, and investment landscape changes. 

Upon review of the final financial plan and if the client decides to implement the investment and risk management portions of their financial plan with us, we may engage Strategic Financial Services Corporation, our affiliated firm that assists in investment and risk management. 

Your 7-Month Financial Plan Timeline