Over the years, Strategic Financial Advisors Corporation has assisted business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. develop benefit plans to attract and retain employees, implement business continuity plans to ensure owners, their families, and employees are taken care of and handled properly, and analyze their business to improve profitability.
Benefit Plans

As the business landscape becomes more competitive, it’s important to implement and structure benefit plans while minimizing costs. The worst situation is when you have spent countless hours and years to train an employee only to have them poached by another company. This, however, can be deterred if you have something to offer that other businesses cannot. At Strategic Financial, we balance the benefits you can provide with the expenses of maintaining them, and assess whether group medical, life, and disability insurance is cost effective. Furthermore, we help structure retirement plans (401Ks, SIMPLEs, SEPs, Profit Sharing Plans, etc.) to maximize your total contributions and reduce your overall tax liability while providing employees the same or comparable benefit.

Business Continuity Plan

What is a business continuity plan? A business continuity plan is an emergency action plan that is automatically engaged so that the business continues to operate and the owner and/or their family is compensated. These plans are typically triggered when the principal of the business (president/CEO) retires, become disabled, or dies.

Business continuity plans do the following:

  1. Provide your family compensation for the business you built and grew
  2. Identify a key man/woman to continue to operate the business
  3. Provide employees job security and continuity
  4. States the terms and conditions of the buyout

Through our tenure, we have worked with multiple companies to develop and establish business continuity plans in various professions and sectors. In developing a business continuity plan, we assist in identifying the key man/woman, triggers, financing methods, and terms of the plan. We have successfully structured theses plans over Strategic Financial’s 30+ year history, and have witnessed multiple of these implemented and triggered. Through this, we are able to draw from our experience to properly develop a plan to meet your objectives.

Business Consulting

By working with many business owners throughout various sectors and fields, Strategic Financial is able to pull from our experience and provide an objective view of where owners should focus their efforts to improve their operation and profitability. Whether its analyzing your cash flow, expenses, revenue generators, corporate and tax structure, we will assist in finding you areas to make and save money.